How A T-TECH Works

T-TECH accumulates the flow of all the old ATF from the transmission, drawing it into the patented fluid exchange cyclinder. With the vehicle idling, the old ATF is diverted to the T-TECH through the natural pressure of the transmission pump causes an equal amount of new ATF to flow into the transmission.

T-TECH is 100% propportional, so there's no danger of over pressurization, or overfilling. When the T-TECH Service is complete, the Transmission, Torque Converter, Cooler, and Lines have been replenished with factory-new ATF.

Helpfull Hints

1. The leading cause of transmission failure is viscosity breakdown of the ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid).

2. Heat is the major cause of viscosity breakdown.

3. Broken down fluid can cause sluggish shifts and premature transmission failure.

4. Traditional transmission services remove only about 30% of the dirty fluid with 70% remaining in the transmission. Virtually 100% of the ATF fluid is changed with a T-TECH Service.




















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